Are you open/when will you open?
We are currently all online based for now, but we will keep everyone updated with any new information!

Are you guys still shipping online orders?
Yes! We're working extremely hard to keep up with all orders every day. If it's taking longer than expected time, please send us an email so we can look into it!

My order says a label has been made but it hasn't moved in a couple days. What is the problem?
If your order has a tracking number, it sometimes means that it will be in the hands of the carrier with our next daily pickup. However, USPS in Northern New Jersey specifically is dealing with severe staffing shortages and exponentially higher volume, so you may not see movement within their system for a couple days.
For this reason, we have disabled the priority mail shipping option. We've found that many people were paying higher postage costs for priority shipments that weren't even reaching origin facilities for 2-4 days. For those who are regular online shoppers, it may take some getting used to, but
everything is taking longer than it used to. Unfortunately, in times like these during Covid-19, the best solution is sometimes to just be patient and give logistics companies a little extra time to handle everything.

My package hasn't shown movement in a week, can you file a claim with the USPS?
Unfortunately filing claims right now is insufficient due to Covid-19. Also the USPS will not have sufficient staff to respond to them, and then when they do, we guarantee the result will be that the package wasn't found and there's nothing they can do about it. If you fear your package is lost and it's
been over 6 business days with no movement, you can use our contact form and we'll do our best to reach a resolution for you!

I'm moving to a new address; how can I change the address on my processing orders?
If you need to update an address just email us your order number with the new address and we'll make the change in our system.
PLEASE NOTE: Changing your default address in your account will not affect processing orders, and they will be shipped to the old address unless you contact us!

When will you restock (item)?
With the exception of P-Bandai exclusives and discontinued items, everything will return to stock eventually; if we don't have it, it's because it's not currently available from our distributors. We post all our restocks on our facebook page and shipment schedule on our site located at this link, so those are the best ways to track item availability. We always make sure to keep stock of every item that is available to us!

Can I order online and pick up at the physical location?
Unfortunately, no, since we are only in business through online.

Can you guarantee perfect box condition for model kits?
We receive restocks and shipments multiple times a week from various sources all over the world, and unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that a given item will be in flawless condition. Many boxes have minor scuffs or dents from the way they were packaged and shipped to us.
Small creases or scuffs are fairly normal with model kits, but if we notice a major notable defect in the packaging while preparing your order, we will absolutely contact you prior to shipping.

When will my preorder item ship?
Preorders will ship immediately after we receive them from the manufacturer. All preorders are subject to allocation based on distributor

Only one item in my order is backorder or preorder, so why aren’t the rest shipping?
Since you only pay for shipping for one package at checkout, we wait until all the items are here to ship at once in order to avoid extra shipping charges. If you’d like the items in stock immediately, please place two separate orders: one for any not in stock and one for all the in-stock items.

Why haven't I gotten an order confirmation email?
Many email clients don't recognize our domain, so our automated emails frequently go to spam folders. Check there, and if the email isn't there either, add our domain (gundamcompanion.com) to your safe senders list.

Why hasn't my order been shipped yet?
Please make sure your items are in stock or on backorder when you purchase them. Backorder items will be shipped as soon as they become available.

Will you charge for a preorder at the time of purchase or at the time of the item’s arrival?
We always charge transactions immediately at time of purchase, which is for several security reasons.