We are Gundam Companions

Inspired by watching the great YouTube creators and builders that came before me; a fire was rekindled inside that led me to building Gundam models as a hobby of my own in my adulthood. When I was in school, I used to secretly save away my money for lunches, skipping meals just so I could feed the need to build. Thankfully, with the internet, videos and social media, we can bring the passion and satisfaction of our hobby to viewers like you without you making the same sacrifice I used to make! Hopefully this can even inspire you or bring back joy that was once lost yourself in this fantastic hobby. In the end, we think you are here reading this because your interest has been piqued and the creativity and imagination of Gundam models calls to you. So be our companion and we will be yours as we build the finest Gundam Pla together! Our goal is to expand Gunpla to our fellow companions. To make building Gundam easier than ever. On this site, you can browse and purchase many rare and popular Gundam model kits, even some that are difficult to find in many countries. We have a vision of building this legend of Gunpla even throughout the next generation of model builders. We hope to leave you all with more inspiration for your imagination. Leave the hard work to us on obtaining model kits. Avoid lost packages and all the scams! Gundam Companion has you covered. After all that’s what companions are for! We thank you for your support of family owned and operated small businesses and we welcome you to ours!